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Call us at on +65 92203666 as and when you need us,may it be a query on events, movies, advertisements or any business Queries or while ordering or any system related issues infact anything you feel like talking to us.We value your time and we will love to assist you for all your queries.

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You May visit us at : Unit #03-25 High Street Centre Singapore 179094


TICKETS are in your Profile under mybookings ,Pls Sign in to with the email id your registered & password you selected while registering.


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Please Sign in use your email address & Password you used while buying the ticket 

For any of assistance while booking Pls donot hesitate to call us on +65 92203666.

1. IF You are not able to register or session times out at payment gateway. Pls Clear Your cache,close your browser and restart again.(Pls Use Google Chrome or Firefox or latest version of IE)

2. If You are not able to BOOK from Office Pls try from home as many offices block PayPal Payment Gateway in their firewall rules.

3. If you are not able to login using social plugin (facebook/google) .Pls register using

4. Many Offices block paypal and other online sites.Pls try from Your Home PC or from your Smart phones .

Any case Just Call us at 92203666 for any technical issue you are facing any time of the day

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