Star Parivar awards 2011 @Macau

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Sunday, 11:30 AM, 28 Nov 2010
The Venetian,

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Event Type: Awards & Ceremony
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Event Description

STAR Parivaar Awards 2011 - The Venetian Macao

For over a decade STAR Parivaar Awards has been bringing to its audience an unforgettable display of glory, achievement and grandeur- bringing together the various parivaars under one roof. Year after year it has been one of the most awaited events on television garnering some of the highest ratings and setting new records every time.


After celebrating years of unmatchable glory on home grounds, this year, STAR Parivaar Awards has reached out to a higher level by going international, to fulfill the dreams of every member in the family, young and old alike by taking its members to a dream destination – The Venetian Macao and hence bringing alive the theme of this year’s STAR Parivaar Awards: Honge Sapne Sakaar - STAR Parivaar.


Set against the backdrop of an exotic international locale, the journey this year will therefore be filled with glamour, entertainment and be buzzing with high energy. There will be 5 lead up properties (titled hum to chale pardes) which will showcase stories centered on memorable experiences encountered by our characters in their journey from their homes leading all the way up to the spellbinding night of the event at the Venetian, Macau. 


We will be capturing in a reality show format, the various exciting moments and anxieties right from the moments the news breaks in, the journey to the Venetian Macau, the experiences at the spectacular venue, various adventures like bungee jumping, rehearsals, cultural interaction with local talents etc. We will be having an exciting glimpse of all the sights there, being explored by the parivaar artistes. We will see Akshara and Naitik in a new light. Ishaan and Suhana might experience new bond of love in a new place. Will Gopi and Aham’s love blossom as much as Krishna and Pratigya’s?


This will then culminate to the main event which will follow the new promise of exuberance, innovation, unforgettable, sizzling and an iconic experience.  This promise of new aspirations will be relived in the trend setting location of Venetian Macau. There will be the smooth mix of their local culture with ours, lots of amazing stunts, breathtaking performances and spectacular visuals as we blend the best of both worlds - a never seen before spectacular and grand opening act and a surprise mega finale that summarises this year’s wish fulfillment theme.


Living by STAR Parivaar’s theme and motto of keeping the family together and all about acceptance , this year it’s a new dream, but the emotions are true to the spirit of STAR Parivaar!

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