Omniscience for a Happy Life
Event Venue

Saturday, 11:30 AM, 02 Jan 2016
Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple,
PGP Hall,397 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218123,

Venue facilities: Restaurant, Parking

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Organizer Details

Event Type: Conference
Name: Global Citizen Forum
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Event Description
omniscience for a healthy life 2016 in singapore
Omniscience for a Happy Life is a event organised by Global Citizen Forum, Along With The Vivekananda Seva Sangh And The Indian Council Of Religious Leaders

Omniscience, Is The Capacity To Know Everything That There Is To Know. The Term Has Been Largely Restricted To Religion, Where It Is Attributed To An All Pervasive And All-Knowing God.

Omniscience In Technology :
Humans Are Gaining More Knowledge; The Concept Of Omniscience Is Starting To Become Extremely Popular In Common Culture. Technologies Are Seeking To Predict Our Questions Before We Ask Them, Answer Our Most Inane Queries And Allow Humans Access To A Warehouse Of Unsurmountable Amounts Of Information. The Amalgamation Of Discovery, Invention And Technology Have Allowed Humans To Unlock The Biggest Secrets Of The Universe And Set Us On The Path To Know Everything There Is To Know- Making The Pursuit Of ‘Complete Knowledge’ A Reality. We Are Becoming Omniscient.

Knowledge Of Various Sciences Has Allowed Us To Drive Our Civilization To Achievements That Were Unknown, Unheard Of. The Knowledge Of Space, The Human Body, Our Planet, Technology Helps Us Better Ourselves Each Day. But Even As We Reach New Heights In Our Lives, Are We Truly Content? Why Does It Feel That Sometimes There Is Something Amiss?

While We Have Mastered A Lot Of Skills, Humans Have Still Not Learnt To Master Our Brain. To Train It To Perceive Everything From A Rational Perspective And Scientifically Examine The World And Our Place In It, Be Omniscient.

Omniscience The Knowledge Of Everything Is The Key To Truly Content And Happy Life. But How Much Can We Truly Know,

Global Citizen Forum, Along With The Vivekananda Seva Sangh And The Indian Council Of Religious Leaders Invites You For A Talk On 'Omniscince'

Date : Jan 2, 2016
Venue : Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Time : 11:30 Am - 1:30 Pm.

Dr B K Modi Founder, Indian Council Of Religious Leaders
B. K. Modi Or Bhupendra Kumar Modi Is The Global Chairman Of Spice Global, An Indian Conglomerate Headquartered In Singapore. Council And Chairman Of Asia Crime Prevention Foundation’S India Chapter. He Was Appointed By The United Nation As Coordinator For The Indian Subcontinent For The Millennium World Peace Summit. Modi Became A Citizen Of Singapore In 2012 And Ranks 23rd In The Forbes List Of Singapore’S Richest People.

On 17 February 2004, The Us House Of Representatives Issued A Proclamation In Appreciation Of Modi'S Efforts To Promote Deeper Understanding Between The Two Countries And Congratulated Him On His Innovations And Humanitarian Efforts Worldwide.[Citation Needed]

Modi Has Authored Many Books, Including One God, Hinduism – The Universal Truth, Performance – A Manager'S Challenge And Whispers Of Peace


Sri Shankaracharya Swami Divyanand Teerthji
Is The Eleventh Successor Of The Dholka-Bhanpua Peeth.Swami Divyanand Teerth Was Born In A Religious Minded Family Of High Class Brahmins At Waira Firozepur In District Bullandshar Of Uttar Pradesh On January 4, 1953. He Is The Eldest Son Of Swargiya Urmila Sharma And Kailashwasi Rajni Kant Sharma. His Grandfather Shri Ganga Sharan Sharma Was A Renowned Scholar Of Sanskrit And Preached The Vedic Philosophy In The North-West India For 40 Years. His Father Was A Renowned Educationist And His Mother Was A Spiritual Lady. Great Virtues Like Kindness, Honesty, Charity, Truthfulness, Self-Respect Etc. Were Imbibed In Both His Parents.Swamiji Inherited All These Great Virtues From His Parents.

Amin Toufani
Director Of Strategy At Singularity University. He Brings A Unique Set Of Technological, Entrepreneurial And Policy Perspectives To The Dialogue Of Innovation On Campus.

Before Singularity, Amin Founded For-Profit And Social Impact Organizations In A Range Of Domains Including: Artificial Intelligence, Peer To Peer Lending, Bitcoin, Human Rights, International Development, Carbon Offsetting, Solar Energy, And Quantitative Global Macro Trading. Google Search Ranks Him As The World'S Best Guitar Player - A Title He Readily Rejects. In Addition To His Work At Singularity, He Is Building The World'S First Hedge Fund For The Poor, As Well As Reversopedia - A Reverse Encyclopedia Composed Of Things We Know We Don'T Know.

Amin Has A Degree In Artificial Intelligence From The University Of British Columbia, An Mba From Stanford, And A Masters In Economic Policy From Harvard. He Attended Harvard And Stanford Concurrently And Gradated An Arjay Miller Scholar.

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