Valentine's Affair with Dagmar Couture Jewellery
Event Venue

7th February : 12pm- 5pm & 9th February : 11am- 6pm
09-03 the Sovereign,
99 Meyer Road Singapore 437920,

The venue: 99 Meyer Road 09-03 the Sovereign 437920 Singapore

Venue facilities: Restaurant, Parking, Games

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Organizer Details

Event Type: Fashion Show
Name: Dagmar Couture Jewellery
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Event Description
Valentines affair with Dagmar Couture Jewellery
It gives me a great pleasure to invite you to my "Valentine's Affair with Dagmar Couture Jewellery" Exhibition and Ladies Reunion 2013 where I will be presenting our latest Spring /Summer 2013 Collection.
The venue:
99 Meyer Road
09-03 the Sovereign
437920 Singapore
7th February : 12pm- 5pm
9th February : 11am- 6pm
Pick out eye-catching Dagmar Couture Jewellery worn by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox, Natalie Portman and members from Royal family of Morocco at affordable prices to accent your outfits for your 2013 outings!
Come and see our sophisticated designs that has been presented in such glamorous events like : New York Fashion Week, Jakarta Fashion Week, Montreal fashion shows and many others!!
As a part of my event Valisere lingerie would like to pamper our loyal customers this Valentine's and as such I am really looking forward to see you Ladies at my event where I will be presenting Dagmar's and Valisere' gorgeous Spring 2013 Collection.
I am really looking forward to see you at my place. Let's celebrate this wonderful LOVE season together!! With beautiful wines and delicious food and of course -sophisticated fashion! Please kindly let me know if you would like to bring some girlfriends along.
Dress code : Red & Pink! :)
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The New Collection of Dagmar Couture Jewellery has been titled "Duality". 'Duality' by Pavan Anand- Spring/Summer 2013. The Collection is a reference to the dual nature of the human mind that is constantly oscillating between the material reality and theenlightened state. The Yin/Yan of Eastern Philosophy is an expression of this duality.
The collection hence juxtaposes opposing colours and forms and beautifully contrasted gemstones in surreal forms that almost seem to manifest the emotion behind each creation.The themed couture line of pieces embraces unusual stones like Pyriteand Cats eye along with provacative colours of large pearls in Copper,Rust and Silver.
The mysterious 'serpent' motif find its way through many of the pieces of the collection and represents the human mind. This Line marks the moving away of Pavan from creating pretty pieces of jewellery to cutting edge pieces of expression. Large sumptuous gemstones burst through in colour and form against ghost like silhouettes.
The overall look of the line is provactive, edgy and very sexy.

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