Pranic Healing Free Preview By Guru Gangadhar Ji
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15th July, Friday, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Spritual Talk
Khalsa Association,
2 Tessensohn Road,

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Event Type: Training
Name: Himalayan Yoga
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Preview session on 2 days workshop on Prana Healing (Naadi), or the Pranic healing as more commonly known for awakening of wisdom and attainment of wealth through distant healing, discover your past and future with Guru Gangadhar Ji who has 30 Years of Sadhana .
Guruji Brings healing touch to all by introducing his learning’s and spiritual powers to the world .this is the best opportunity to get the benefits of achieving self empowerment, self realisation and self ascension by participating this event

About Guru Gangadharji


 Guruji is highly educated and practicing Spiritual healing since young age. Swami Shankarananda is his childhood Guru.
With the blessings of the Himalayan Tradition Swamy Rama and his disciple Swamy Vedabharti. Guru Gangadhar  ji is practicing
1.      Sreevidya (Samayachara),
2.      Reiki Grand Master,
3.      Melcizedek Grand Master,
4.      Atomic Healing,
5.      Spiritual Healing and other drugless therapies.
He is founding member and Chief Patron of Parabrahma (spiritual Science Academy). The organization is doing various activities like social, spiritual, cultural services and humanity care activities.
 He is distributing Jeevana Vigyana (Science of living), unique knowledge and scientific way of living human existence means the composition of BODY - SOUL - MIND - PRANA - CONCIOUSNESS and Parabrahma Vijnana (Unique Spiritual Science) to thousands of people to spread the divine spiritual knowledge all over the India and abroad.
 As a consideration to his services to mankind, many organizations honoured and awarded him title as Brahmarushi, Gurubhagwan and Seva Ratna.
Know more on what Is Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes “prana” or “Life energy” to heal the body.
It is a system of cleansing and energizing the energy body for effective healing of the physical body. Its principles and techniques can be learned in a few sessions.

What is “Prana”?
“Prana” or “ki” is the life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.There are three major sources of “prana”: solar prana, air prana, and ground prana . Solar prana, which comes from sunlight, invigorates the whole body and promotes good health. Air prana is absorbed by the lungs through breathing—or even through the pores of the skin and is absorbed directly into the “energy centers” or “chakras” of the body. Ground prana is automatically and unconsciously absorbed through the soles of the feet. It increases a person’s vitality, capacity to do more work, and ability to think more clearly.Human beings and animals can also absorb “prana” indirectly from water and plants, which in turn absorb “prana” from sunlight, air and ground that they come in contact with. Generally from fresh food, which contains more “prana” than preserved food. 
Two Techniques in Pranic Healing Cleansing and energizing 
Cleansing is to remove dirty or diseased energy in the body and to remove blockages in the energy channels.
Energizing, which can only follow after cleansing, is the transference of “prana” or life energy to the body.
Two Principles in Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is based on two principles, namely the Principle of Self-Recovery and the Principle of Life Force.The Principle of Self-Recovery states that the body is capable of healing itself.
The Principle of Life Force states that the healing process can be accelerated by increasing “prana” or life energy in the body. This healing process accelerates the rate of biochemical reactions involved in the natural process of the body’s healing


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