Magic Lamp - Stress Management Camp
Event Venue

Sunday, 01:00 PM, 30 Sep 2012
Goldkist Resort,1110 East Coast Parkway,
Near Carpark D3 ,Singapore 449880,

1110 East Coast Parkway

Near Car Park D3

Singapore 449880

Venue facilities: Restaurant, Parking, Games

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Event Type: Workshop
Name: Goldkist Resort
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Event Description

magic lamp free stress relief camp

magic lamp 2012 free  stress relief and Yoga camp

Magic Lamp Singapore Invites you for MAGIC LAMP Healthy Living & Stress Management Program (worth $288 but waived for you) on 30 Sept 2012



Background of Program:

India has some of its unique solutions from Vedas consisting 1000s of solutions, which have been used in various forms such as yoga, Ayurvedic, acupuncture and Vastu beliefs. While each domain has its own way of treatment and has quite a number of successful track records it still lacks the awareness and  faith is yet to develop due to lack of structured research & findings.

There are many organizations and experts working in these domains individually but their resources are quite limited especially being non profitable sort of operation. Goldkist has made an effort to bring all renowned experts for these techniques on a common international platform from many countries like USA, Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia & India to share their research work among each other.

Not only experts are flown from many countries, but special equipments have been brought in to show that this is not just a myth but real science where output can be measured scientifically.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr H R Nagendra who is respectable landmark in Yoga research & recipient of many awards. He is heading S-Vyasa University ( )spread in 35 acres which is recognized by Govt of India as deemed University having full fledged bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs. The University has trained over 50,000 Yoga trainers across the world. Heavy research has been done to the extent that 193 papers have already been published in international journals. They have 150 bed hospital in campus too and up to now has treated over 250,000 patients successfully in last 10 years. Over 100,000 corporate  executives from reputed organizations have attended his Programs so far. His detailed profile can be viewed at

Their research studies have proven that

*35 mins of SME can give more relaxation than 6 hours of sleep

*While 6 hours of sleep gives 9% of mental relaxation but 35 minutes of SME can give 24% mental relaxation

*Weight loss of 1kg per month can be achieved with just proper breathing only

*Eyesight improvement of 1 diapter can be achieved in 2 months of exercise

That too without any medicine or surgery

Further at the cost which is fraction of a present medical cost, that too without any side effects.

Goldkist Beach Resort has initiated a MAGIC LAMP Program for the benefit of Public/Corporate -A FREE CAMP on 30th September base on above techniques which will help them in preventing and managing many diseases like diabetes, asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is something like cooking a dish. Most of the cook uses same ingredients like flour, sweet, sugar or oil but when one cooks in a right manner in quantity and quality, it tastes much better than others. Yoga is something like salt in a dish where a few grams more can lead to bitter taste and few grams less may lead to blend taste. Today out of the 100 versions of different type of yoga, most are focusing mainly on exercises, or body building or complex postures. There is hardly any proof on what works and what does not.

After a lot of scientific research on considering stressful lives of corporate executives a special program SME (Stress Management for Executives) is developed which can reduce stress significantly and can significantly improve productivity due to better body-mind coordination. For corporate it will be leading to less absenteeism and reduced medical costs. This program will be held during 1-5pm on 30th Sept

Ask someone who is suffering from chronicle diseases like asthma, diabetic, heart problems. Not only Life becomes terrible but it costs a bomb too on medical expenses, sometimes even up to spending whole life savings. Despite having regular medicines or surgeries, hardly any solution is found. By this program the public can prevent and manage the diseases and improve their health. This Program Magic Lamp -Healthy Living will be held during 10-12am on 30th Sept

The above camp will be held on 30 Sept 2012  in Goldkist beach resort, 1110 East Coast Parkway, Near to car park D3, Singapore 449880.


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