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Friday, 11:00 AM, 20 Apr 2012
The Arts House – Gallery,,
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429,

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Event Type: Exhibition & trade Show
Name: Movie2book
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Exhibition dates: 20th – 22nd , April 2012
Venue: The Arts House – Gallery, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore

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Preeti Sood’s first ever solo exhibition in Singapore at the Singapore Arts House on Old Parliament Lane. The collection will showcase two series of work by the artist, encompassing over 25 artworks including digital prints, giclee prints and prints with laser engraving and etching.

Ripped apart, re-stitched and re-created, the imagery found in Preeti’s work is inexplicably urban. Lively scenes of people and bazaars in Old Delhi from her 2007 “Home Sweet Home” series and her more recent “StreetLogues” series of work featuring imagery of decaying posters from street walls across Britain and India comprise this collection for her debut in South East Asia.

Born in India, Preeti left for the UK in 2007 to pursue a postgraduate degree. This transition had a marked impact on her. The different systems, people, attitudes, weather and culture stirred within her an introspective mode. Preeti subtly brings to surface the concept of “GLOCAL” (Global + Local) within an urban landscape in the context of India where she grew up and Britain where she presently lives.
On her work, Preeti shares her self-discovery process, “I was impressed by similarities and contradictions between the two distinct capital city spaces, Delhi and London. This initiated an exploration of my sense of displacement felt in the transition of moving between cities and cultures. Differences were explored through the medium of print.”
Preeti’s ”StreetLogues” series is created using contemporary laser technology in conjunction with traditional printmaking processes. The starting point is the distressed ephemera and decay on urban streets which Preeti has a fascination for. Combining these multi-layered images in seemingly random and unexpected ways, the overlaid, worn images represent the plastic world in which we live – echoing a spent past within the living present. “Posters are the autobiography of the wall to which they adhere. The delicate tissue-like image that

results from the engraving process represents my own sense of being torn and displaced between cultures as well as the transformation that is evolving within and without” observes Preeti. Evidence of this can be found in the titles of some of her work such as ‘Emotionally Dismantled’ and ‘Identity’.

In Preeti’s “Home Sweet Home” series, essentials and necessities of life as opposed to material objects take centrestage. A celebration of life, Preeti dissects her photographs of Old Delhi’s purani dilli streets into layers before recombining them back to create brilliant scenes in combination with historical symbolism where architectural maps and imagery ubiquitous in street shops are juxtaposed within her works to depict multiple perspectives within a single frame.

About Preeti Sood

Preeti Sood was born in India in 1978. She did her Bachelors in Printmaking from Chandigarh College of Arts and pursued her Masters at Santiniketan, Kala Bhavan, West of Bengal. She later did her second MA degree in printmaking at the Camberwell Arts College, University of the Arts London.

Currently, Preeti is a visiting tutor and runs the printmaking department at the Arts University College, Bournemouth. She worked as an Artist Fellow for two years at the University of Lincoln. She is also a member of the Printmakers Council.
Preeti has had several solo shows internationally and has been selected for various printmaking shows in London, Delhi, Bangalore, Ottawa, Japan and now Singapore.

Her work was recently chosen amongst thousands of applicants for the BITE- Contemporary Printmaking Show at the Mall Gallery in London, in the 6th International Digital Print Show at Le Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle Gallery in Ontario, Canada and at the International Print Centre, New York, for the New Prints 2011/Autumn exhibition which is currently running at the Arts Visual Centre, at the University of Texas/ Austin till 10 March 2012.

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