Cloud Computing for CXO & IT Managers
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Friday, 08:00 AM, 25 Nov 2011
International SQL Star Pte. Ltd,
100 Beach Road, #12-02 Shaw Tower, Singapore - 189702,

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Event Type: Training
Name: sqlstar
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Event Description

Making sense of the Cloud:

A one day course on Cloud Computing for the CXOs'

Our experts will help you to understand Cloud Computing by demystifying it for you.

You will be empowered to make better decisions for your organization in sync with today's technology. We'll help you relate the technology babble with your real business problems so you are able to appreciate Cloud Computing better and make informed decisions.
Topics Covered
  1. Introduction to Cloud
  2. Evolution of Cloud Computing
  3. Understanding of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  4. Introduction to Virtualization
  5. Deployment & Delivery Models
  6. Features & Characteristics
  7. Benefits & Challenges
  8. Security in Cloud
  9. Use Cases & Statistics
  10. Future of Cloud Computing

Experience various cloud platforms

Our Trainers:

Mr. Shuveb Hussain
Shuveb is the co-founder of Binary Karma, now part of K7 Computing Company that develops Virtualization management products including the successful FluidVM virtualisation management platform. Today, Shuveb is on the forefront of developing the next generation of Cloud Computing products that cloud-enable hosting providers and data centres. He has contributed code to virtualization related Open Source projects and has authored many articles for publications like Linux Gazette and Linux for You. He is a distinguished speaker and has spoken at many events including

Mr. Navin Sylvester
Navin currently works as the Product Development Head in K7 Computing's cloud division. He is involved in creating cutting edge PaaS product Cyclozzo and other innovative cloud products. He previously headed the technical division of Winways.

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